Yellow Dog Consulting

Print Design

Elizabeth and her dog Norm run a marketing business that not only has a really fun name, but does some great work!

Elizabeth is a master of follow-up and after getting frustrated when people she met at networking events failed to follow-up with her (even though she said she was interested in what she had to offer!) she decided to create a product called Kick Ass Follow Up Templates to Grow Your Business. (BTW, you can enter the code LegUp and save 50%!)

Her usual graphic designer didn’t have time to take on the project, so she called me – YAY!! I was so excited to get a chance to work with her. Elizabeth and I met at eWomen Network and we have enjoyed many post luncheon beers together. As dog lovers, we have lots in common and she has monthly “dog park networking” events that Kenzie and I really enjoy attending.

When designing the cover, I started with an image of a computer and a cup of tea. She asked if I could find something with a beer, but since I couldn’t, I photographed it myself (and had an early afternoon beer – win, win!)

Soon after we completed the eBook, she needed a postcard to promote it, so naturally I was on it.

If you attend networking events and have a giant pile of business cards hiding somewhere in your office, Elizabeth is the girl to get you organized and headed in the right direction. Check out her website here:

Yellow Dog Consulting