The Psychic Genius

Website, Branding

Melissa Mattern is my favorite psychic. We met through a couple of networking groups we belong to and became fast friends. We ran several workshops together on developing your intuition. She is a phenomenal teacher – she would get everyone going, and I would bring them back to earth with a little yoga. It was a blast.

Melissa had a good website, but we decided that it could be a little better. She was working with a copywriter to tweak her copy and I wanted to bring out more of her personality on the website.

Melissa has cats, more than a couple, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate that part of her on the website. We had fun with her site, because she is a REALLY fun person. She used to do stand up and let me tell you, she can make you laugh in just about any situation you find yourself in.

She’s not only funny, she’s super smart. She helps business owners, corporate folks, and anyone else that is looking for guidance in their life and business. Most recently she started teaching Meditation for Regular People and the classes have been growing like crazy. Who wouldn’t want a meditation teacher that can teach you to chill out and laugh at the same time?

She really is the real deal. You can check out both of her sites (both done by yours truly!) here:

The Psychic Genius
Meditation for Regular People