3 tips to help you get images you’ll love

Julie and Cali

Last March, I decided I needed new photos taken for my website. The picture on my website was several years old and had my sweet dog Cali in it. She had been gone for nearly a year, and it hurt my heart everytime I saw the picture. I still miss her every day. I knew I needed a new picture, but the idea of a photo shoot with a real photographer just sounded too scary (my hubby had taken the previous picture of me!) Eventually I worked up enough courage to contact a photographer friend of … [Read more...]

Eagle Fern Equine Hospital Redesign


Eagle Fern Equine Hospital contacted me because they were frustrated with their current site. It was difficult to update and felt outdated. Eagle Fern is run by a husband and wife team in Estacada, Oregon that has been around for over 25 years. I was really excited by the work their photographer did. Beautiful photos are something that makes my heart happy when I am designing a website. We started by giving their logo a little update to make it feel more current. One of the main problems … [Read more...]

Do you want to look like a star?


Fiona Harrold is THE Star Maker and offers several programs to help you become the star in your field. I was excited to take on her website redesign, especially after seeing the amazing images she provided me with. TIP: If you're going to redesign your website - invest in new images of you! Her old site really wasn't doing her any justice. There were too many choices on her homepage and the colors felt a little flat. We started out by updating the color palette - Fiona is a bright, … [Read more...]

NO website is better than a BAD website.

bad design is expensive

Every time I hear my coach tell someone that they don't NEED a website, I cringe. Of course you need a website. It's 2015! To be fair, I get where she is coming from. You should be out getting clients, not spending hours building your own website (I beg you, PLEASE do not build your own website!). If you're doing what you need to do, for example, networking, speaking and sponsoring events - people are going to pick up your business card and the first thing they will do, if they are at all … [Read more...]

Before you hire a designer, get really, really clear!

I talk to business owners all the time that are excited about their new business and feel like getting a website up is the most important thing they need to do. It is, IF you are really clear about your business. My first question is always, "How do you help people?" It seems like a simple question, right? What tangible result do your give your clients? What is the benefit of working with you? There are many different ways to ask the question - but the real goal is for you to get very … [Read more...]